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  • Cirien Saadeh

6 Things You Should Know About George Floyd’s Murder Trial

Segment: "The trial is expected to take nine weeks from the beginning of jury selection through the jury’s decision. Jury selection began March 8, and has been delayed, dependent on the addition of a possible third-degree murder charge.Potential jurors have been presented with a 14-page questionnaire on policing experiences, race, martial arts and other issues.The jury will be semi-sequestered and include 12 jurors and four alternate jurors. The entire jury would need to agree on a guilty verdict for Chauvin to be convicted. According to Professor David Schultz, a law professor at the University of Minnesota and Hamline University political science professor, in a document emailed to reporters, the prosecution’s evidence includes the video, Chauvin’s police training and training manual, Chauvin’s police record, the autopsy, on-site witnesses, and expert witnesses. The defense reportedly will use police body camera footage, an autopsy, and expert witnesses."

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