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  • Cirien Saadeh

Announcing the Journalism of Color Training Center

This is a really exciting day for the Journalism of Color methodology.

I am so pleased to announce that the Journalism of Color Training Center has been launched, in partnership with and sponsored by the Xicanx Institute for Teaching and Organizing, a Tucson, AZ-based "urban education consulting collective."

This is an incredible opportunity for this work and a momentous opportunity to double-down on the community journalism education, mentorship, and publishing that we're doing.

This is a very brief list of what you can expect over the next year:

1) Base-building and the formation of a Community Advisory Board.

2) Administrative & Sustainability Planning

3) More and more community journalism training opportunities.

4) Lots of news production, as well as a new website --- the Radical News Radio Hour podcast will be housed under the Journalism of Color Training Center as I focus in on educational reporting on social movements. I'll also be publishing other regular content and seeking out community reporters to do the same.

5) Publishing the first Journalism of Color Community Handbook, alongside other academic writing and blogging

6) Mentoring start-up newsrooms using the Journalism of Color methodology

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