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  • Cirien Saadeh

Recently published: "The Powerful Step that Opened the Door for Media Solidarity with Palestine"


I recently published a new piece in Colorlines, a national, racial justice-focused news magazine. Check out the link to read the article.

Excerpt: "I say this next bit not as an expert, but I think that part of why we don’t have deeply constructive reporting on the settler-colonialism that underlies Israel is that it would require the United States to look back at its own roots and to re-analyze the stories that American journalists by-and-large tell ourselves. We know, if only just through the urgent need to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory happening across the country, that understanding our own roots is not something this country readily does.

All of this is to say that I was emboldened by the open letter, as a pro-Palestinian journalist and activist because I saw so many dozens of other journalists stand up in solidarity (despite my surprise in seeing that solidarity). Still, do I think the letter’s message will make it to folks on the ground in Palestine or even in just the states? No. Do I think that other journalists will pay attention? For the most part, no. Do I think the letter makes any sort of systemic difference? No.

Do I think it needs to make a systemic difference? No. Because seeing this letter exist gave me hope that at least a conversation is being had where I had never seen it happen before."

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