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  • Cirien Saadeh

Winter 2023 Community Journalism Trainings

Community Journalism: Introduction to Community Journalism

This training introduces participants to community journalism through a discussion-packed, experiential one-hour training. Participants have the opportunity to explore the role that journalism can play in helping a community build power, the processes of community journalism, and the connections between community journalism and community building.

Community Journalism: Racial and Social Justice

This discussion and journalism training discusses the racial and social justice (and injustice) implications of community journalism.

Cooperation and Collaboration in Community Journalism

Cooperation and collaboration are core practices and elements within the work of community journalism and within a community journalism newsroom. This training will discuss models and practices for cooperation and collaboration in community journalism with regard to reporting and newsroom operations.

Community Journalism: Ethics, Objectivity, and Equity

Ethics, objectivity, and our innate biases play a unique role in the community newsroom, even more so in a community newsroom that centers racial and social justice. This training will open up a discussion on ethics in community journalism: what journalism ethics are, what ethical questions we ask as community journalists, and how we communicate those values and ethics to our larger community.

Community Journalism: the Journalistic Process

This two-hour training will take participants through the journalistic process, from pitching to promotion. This training will be experiential, discussion-packed, and resource-laden!

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