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  • Cirien Saadeh

You're Invited: Introducing Journalism of Color

There has long been a relationship between journalism and social movement work. And because there has been a relationship, there has been tension. Much of my work has been centered at the intersections of that work - and the ways in which we create accessible, equitable journalism within the context of social movement work and within historically-marginalized communities.


With that, you're invited! I'll be hosting three upcoming discussions on the role and work of journalism within social movements. Details are below. Attend one, two, or all. Email for the Zoom link and the OPTIONAL pre-meeting materials.

Event 1: Introducing Journalism of Color, Feb. 23, 4pm-5:30pm CST

Event 2: Journalism for Social Movement Reporting, March 9, 4pm-5:30pm CST

Event 3: Journalism of Color: Justice and Power, March 23, 4pm-5:30pm CST

These events will be offered regularly so if you cannot make it to any of these discussions, there will be additional opportunities.

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